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Storage and Handling of Wood Structural Panels


Warehouse storage is the best way to ensure clean, easy-to-handle panels. If the panels must be stored outdoors, care should be taken to ensure the panels are stored on a level surface and covered with tarps or plastic.

Panels should never be in direct contact with the ground. Set the panels on at least three (3) full-width supports, such as lumber stringers, of sufficient depth to provide a minimum of 4 inch clearance between the ground and the bottom surface of the bottom panel. Place one of the supports at the center of the stack and the others 12 to 16 inches from each end. The stack should be covered loosely with plastic sheets or tarps. Anchor the covering at the top of the stack but keep it away form the sides and edges to allow air circulation (see Figure 1). Warping, checking or other minor damage may result from extended exposure to the elements.


Handle panels with reasonable care. Battered corners and edges create unnecessary extra nailing and repair work and may require that the damaged panels be replaced.

Panel Storage and Handling - Figure 1
Figure 1


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