Building Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Certification

Does PFS TECO manufacture the products that bear its certification mark?

No — PFS TECO is an accredited 3rd-party agency that certifies, inspects, and/or tests building products against the applicable product standard. We do not manufacture or sell building products of any kind.

Does PFS TECO guarantee the products that bear its certification mark?

No — The manufacturer is ultimately responsible for product performance.

Can PFS TECO send me detailed product information or test reports for a product that bears its certification mark?

No — The data is the property of the manufacturer and used as part of their confidential product certification program. The PFS TECO client listing includes information about what products are currently certified by PFS TECO.

Is the product I have currently certified?

The PFS TECO client listing on our website has the current list of active certification clients. For products previously manufactured please email for more information. The client’s name, mill number, production date or install date will allow our staff to determine if the product was certified at the time it was manufactured.

Product Testing

Where do I ship my product for testing?

PFS TECO Building Product clients can ship products to one of our two test labs in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin or Springfield, Oregon. Please consult with our laboratory staff to determine which lab should receive your particular product. You can also email with questions or for more information.

Do you act as the importer for products being shipped from outside the USA?

No — PFS TECO cannot act as the importer for any shipments. Please work with a licensed importer.

What type of tests do you perform?

Both PFS TECO Building Product Laboratories can handle a variety of building product testing. Key products that we test include structural wood panels, engineered wood products, other structural wood products, wood adhesives, construction fasteners, decks and guardrails, and structural insulated panels. We conduct structural testing, physical testing, as well as formaldehyde emissions testing of wood-based products. Our lab accreditations include a detailed list of the test standards for which each lab is accredited. We also conduct specialty research testing on the same or similar types of products.

How long does it take to get test results back?

Each test project is unique, with some requiring weeks of sample conditioning time. Please ask your PFS TECO staff contact for an estimated completion date for your project.