Research Reports

Demonstrating code compliance of building components is essential, and a requirement, in today‚Äôs built environment. When the design, application, and/or installation of a building component is not addressed through the prescriptive measures of the codes — that is, when a manufacturer makes an innovative product not already covered in the codes — a research report can assist the building official in approving the innovative product. What manufacturers of these innovative products need is a trusted, cost-effective, and efficient path to such compliance.

PFS TECO, through our Research Report program, satisfies that need, having been recognized as an ISO 17065 certification agency for a wide variety of products and components. We have decades of experience in the area of construction material testing, inspection and approval, experience that is evident in the backgrounds of the members of the PFS TECO Research Report Committee.

Key advantages of working with PFS TECO for your code-complying Research Report are:

  • Improved, simplified, fast-to-market approval process
  • Expertise in wide variety of building products, materials and systems
  • Independence coupled with unmatched service
  • Widely accepted throughout industry
  • Architects, engineers, builders, designers and specifiers know and trust the PFS TECO marks, as do building inspectors and contractors.

In short, we offer “Marks you can Build On”

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You may download our Research Reports Brochure for an overview of the program.

For more information please contact:

Steve Winistorfer, PE, Senior Vice President