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Engineered Wood Products and the Wisconsin Green Built Home™ Certification

Wisconsin Green Built Home™ (GBH) is an award-winning green building initiative that reviews and certifies new homes and remodeling projects that meet sustainable building and energy standards. The program is implemented in partnership with the Madison Area Builders Association in cooperation with other participating builders associations, leading utilities and organizations that promote green building. GBH, affiliated with the NAHB National Green Building Program, is also available as a co-branded home certification. GBH was the first program east of the Mississippi and between 1999 and 2007 has certified 3,700 homes in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

Each registered home must meet all the Basic Requirements and accumulate a minimum total of 60 points. No hierarchy “color” levels are available with GBH. Available points for engineered wood products are shown in the table below

Requirement Number Points Available Condition
Section D: Material Selection 1 Decks, site furnishings and/or other outdoor structures constructed with sustainable, low-toxicity materials: reused wood, certified sustainable yield wood, or recycled plastic/wood fiber composites.
Section D: Structural Frame 1 No use of 2x10 or greater dimension solid lumber in floors or roof systems.
Section D: Structural Frame 1 Engineered wood ā€œIā€ joists or truss joists used for floors.
Section D: Structural Frame 1 Trusses or ā€œIā€ joists used for roofs.
Section D: Structural Frame 1 Engineered lumber products for beams, joists or headers.
Section D: Structural Frame 1 Finger-jointed studs, engineered stud material, or plate materials.
Section D: Envelope, Walls and Ceiling 3 Plywood, OSB, or other sheathing/roof decking from (FSC, Smart Wood or equivalent) certified sustainably managed forests (at least 50% of sheathing used).
Section D: IAQ Materials 1 All cabinets, shelves, and countertops made with formaldehyde free materials: solid wood, formaldehyde free particleboard or MDF.


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